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Sozopol Fiction Seminars

When: from 23 to 26 May 2013. Application deadline: 15 March 2013. 

The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation offers its sixth annual summer fiction writing seminar in the ancient town of Sozopol, Bulgaria. The seminar program consists of intensive daily fiction workshops, roundtable discussions, guest lectures and literary readings by faculty and participants. Fiction writers from Bulgaria and fiction writers from English-speaking countries, including but not limited to the U.K. and the U.S., are invited to apply. A total number of ten applicants will be selected for participation and funding.Five participants writing in English and five writing in Bulgarian language will receive scholarships. A scholarship covers tuition, room and board, in-country transportation, and 50% of international travel expenses.
Morning workshops will be led in English by Elizabeth Kostova (US), author of the best-selling novels The Historian (2005) and The Swan Thieves (2010), and in Bulgarian by Vladimir Levchev (BG), author of nineteen poetry collections (four published in the U.S.) and the novels Krali Marko: The Balkan Prince (2006), 2084 (2009) and The Man and the Shadow (2012).

In order to apply, the applicants must complete an online submission form and attach all materials as required: a biography (maximum 300 words), a statement of purpose (maximum 1 page) and a fiction writing sample (an excerpt from a novel or a short story/stories; at least 10 and not more than 20 pages; Times New Roman, 1800 characters per page, including gaps). Please note that each file and page of the attached excerpt must contain the applicant's name and the text title.
All approved applicants will be notified via e-mail by 15 April 2013. The results will be published on the website of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation not later than 30 April 2013.

A letter of reference, sent directly to the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation via e-mail by the reference, is required in addition to the online application. The reference letter should be sent
Only online applications, will be accepted.

Learn more here.
Apply here.

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