Thursday, March 29, 2012

The 2012 storySouth Million Writers Award is open

The purpose of the 2012 storySouth Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2011. 

How It Works
The Million Writers Award takes its name from the idea that we in the online writing community have the power to promote the great stories we are creating. If only a few hundred writers took the time to tell fifteen of their friends about a great online short story--and if these friends then passed the word about this fiction to their friends (and so on and so on)--this one story would soon have a larger readership than all of the works in Best American Short Stories.
To help promote online stories, the Million Writers Award accepts nominations from readers, writers, and editors (and the volunteer preliminary judges who assist with the award). There is no entry fee.
The Rules
1) Only stories first published in online literary journals, magazines, and e-zines that have an editorial process, during the 2011 calendar year, are eligible for nomination. This means that an editor must have selected the story for publication. Self-published stories are not eligible. Stories reprinted online, but originally published in a print edition, are not eligible.
2) Anyone may nominate ONE story for the award. This means that readers of magazines can nominate one story and that writers can nominate one their own stories, provided the story was published in 2011 in an online magazine. Editors of online magazines and journals can nominate up to THREE of the stories published in their magazine during 2011.
3) To be eligible for nomination, a story must be longer than 1,000 words.
4) In addition to nominations from writers, readers, and editors, the Million Writers Award also uses preliminary judges to nominate stories for the award and to screen nominations from writers, readers, and editors. The names of the preliminary judges will be released after the award has been announced.
5) From all of the nominees, the judges will select the "Notable Stories of the Year." From this list of notable stories, three judges selected by Jason Sanford will chose the top ten stories of the year. The overall winner of the year's award will be selected by a public vote from among the top ten stories of the year. The public vote will use a secure voting system.
6) The online journal or magazine gaining the most "notable story" selections will be named as the Million Writers Award publication of the year. The editors will also select one publication as the Million Writers Award new magazine or journal of the year. Other awards for excellence may also be given out, if the editors feel there is a reason for doing so (such as highlighting a journal or magazine for doing something new or unusual which added to the overall prestige of online publishing).
7) Nominations of stories will begin March 26, 2012 and end April 9, 2012. The list of notable stories of the year will be released around the first of May with the top ten stories released around the end of May. Voting on the overall winner will last for three weeks after the top ten stories are released.
8) Any attempt by writers to distort or manipulate the public vote will result in the disqualification of their respected stories. Writers are allowed to promote their own stories during the vote and to ask others to vote for them. Attempts to repeatedly vote for their own story or to compromise the secure voting system will result in disqualification. The editors of storySouth have final authority to determine if any writer is attempting to distort or manipulate the public vote and the editors' decisions regarding disqualification are final and can not be appealed.
To Nominate a Story
To nominate a story, readers and editors will submit their name, a valid e-mail address, the name of the nominated author, the name of the magazine or journal, and a URL hyperlink to the story. The URL must go directly to the story's page in the online magazine or journal that originally published it.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Residency in Denmark

The Danish Centre for Writers and Translators has the pleasure of being able to offer a four-week working residency in the buildings on the beautiful grounds of Hald Hovedgaard, near the town of Viborg, in the period of July 16 – August 13, 2012.

Four foreign authors and eight to ten Danish authors will gather for this period in a writing-conducive environment, where they will have the opportunity to work undistracted in an inspiring literary atmosphere.

This working residency is available to Danish and foreign writers who have had at least two works of fiction published, whether it be prose or poetry.
TO APPLYThe application should be one page long, maximum, and contain a short explanation of your motivation for attending this international summer residence programme, as well as a short description of the project that you plan to be working on during your stay. Applicants must also include a bibliography of published works. You are welcome to attach up to a five-page sample of a work-in-progress, but this is optional.
Applications from writers from abroad must be in English, while Danish writers may submit their application in either Danish or English.
Applications are to be sent to Hald Hovedgaard’s director, Peter Q. Rannes, at

for applications from writers from abroad is April 1, 2012.
Deadline for applications from Danish writers is May 15, 2012.
Applicants can expect a reply 14 days after the deadline.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fiction Friday: Voice of the Gods by Dango Mkandawire

This story was published in 2009, perhaps you have read it, perhaps you haven't. If you have read it, do read it again. If you haven't, I'm sure it would be a great way to start your weekend. 
Read the story here.
Mr. Mkandawire has interesting things to say about pedestals and postures (among other things) in the interview he granted Emmanuel Iduma.If you have missed any interview in Emma Iduma's Gambit Series, do catch up. I have listed them here, just click on each writer's name to read what they have to say.

What She Thinks: Is there a single event to which you can trace your transition into adulthood?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fiction Friday: Once Upon a Lifetime by Jhumpa Lahiri

Ms Lahiri took my breath away when I read her Unaccustomed Earth  in 2010. I have been trying to lay my hands on a copy of Interpreter of Maladies ever since. I hope you enjoy today's story.

Go here to read the story.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

KSP Residency Program 2012/2013

2012 Young Writers-In-Residence

Applications for 2012 Young Writer-In-Residence must be post marked on or before 5pm, Friday, 17th August 2012
Three Positions are available for the week of Sun 18 Nov – Tue 27 Nov 2012
Three Young Writers, up to the age of twenty-five years, will be selected for a 10-day residency at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre, Greenmount. The residents will receive a salary of $650 and be given writing space and time to concentrate on, develop or complete a work in progress. The writer will also be invited to participate in Katharine Susannah Prichard (KSP) Writers' Centre activities.
The Selection Committee will be looking for a talented young writers able to show application to the craft of writing. It is expected that the writers will have some published material in the print, visual or broadcast media. Ideally, applicants should be working towards achieving their first major full-length publication. Applicants may conduct a workshop at the Centre during their residency. If the applicant wishes to do so full support will be given to that endeavour by the Centre. However, applicants who do not want to present a workshop will NOT be penalised.


2013 Established Writer-In-Residence

Applications for 2013 Established Writer in Residence must be post marked on or before, Friday, 27th July 2012 (pending funding)
One position.
Full-time period of four (4) weeks, or equivalent part time. Salary: $3500.
The Established Writer-in-Residence should have achieved major publication and have demonstrated a commitment towards furthering the status and practice of writing among his/her peers and the community in general. Experience in preparation for and conducting of workshops and seminars is desirable.

2013 Emerging Writer-In-Residence

Applications for 2012 Emerging Writer in Residence must be post marked on or before Friday 24th August 2012 (pending funding)
Three positions, dependent on funding.
Full-time period of four (4) weeks, or equivalent part time. Salary: $2250.
Emerging does not mean beginner. Preference for one position will be given to a WA regional writer or a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse writer.
The Selection Committee will be looking for talented writers able to show application to the craft of writing. It is expected that selected writers will have some published material, in the print, visual or broadcast media. Ideally, applicants should be working towards achieving their first major full-length publication.

The residency program for Emerging- and Established Writers-in-Residence is open to artists from all over the world, however the Young Writers-in-Residence should be local and under 25.

Learn more right here.

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