Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fiction Friday:Waiting by Chika Unigwe

Today, we return to Per Contra, where we read our first story. I have been following the Casey Anthony case  with a mixture of alarm and disbelief. Even after the verdict, I am still wondering about what exactly happened to little Caylee. Sometimes I wonder if Casey didn't report her daughter missing because she was in denial. Well, I guess we will never really know. That theory takes me to today's story which is about a woman struggling with an unbearable loss, it is a sort of excerpt from The Phoenix, Unigwe's first novel.  Chika Unigwe is also the author of On Black Sister's Street. You can learn more about her here.
Read the story here.
What She Thinks: I'm sorry for not posting this yesterday, my modem went mad again. Enjoy the story

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