Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fiction Friday: The Cadavers by Eghosa Imasuen

Someone should write a story titled 'Failure to Get Error String'. I promise to feature it on fiction Friday, maybe my modem will stop giving me that error message then? Still, I believe it must still be Friday somewhere in the world. So I present Fiction Friday!

Today we are reading Eghosa Imasuen's 'The Cadavers'. The author's second novel, Fine Boys will be out in September. While you wait with bated breath for that one ( I assure you, you will after reading this story), do grab a copy his first novel, To Saint Patrick's Square, if you haven't read it yet. 

I read 'The Cadavers' when it first appeared in Saraba's Story Issue and I haven't forgotten the first line since then- Ewaen heard himself snore. Where do you go with an attention grabbing line like that? Why don't you find out, right here.

What She Thinks: Do you snore? :)

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