Friday, May 6, 2011

Fiction Friday: Free Rice by Molara Wood

This blog is only a few months old and in the next few weeks I will be introducing interesting stuff. So watch this space!

The first thing I'm introducing is 'Fiction Friday'. So what does 'Fiction Friday' mean? Well, it means that every Friday I will  be posting links to amazing short fiction that I have found on the internet. It will primarily be fiction that I have read, loved and that I think you will also enjoy. After you read the story, you can come back here so we can talk about it...

This week's story and the first in the series is Molara Wood's 'Free Rice.' I read this story about a year ago and I haven't been able to forget it.This was the first story by Molara Wood that I read, after I read it, I went wild on google looking for more of her stories. Molara Wood used to edit/write artsville in the Sunday Guardian and was my only reason for insisting that we bought the Guardian on Sundays at that time. She has since gone on to write for 234next where I believe she is the Arts and Culture editor. So enjoy this week's offering.

Read 'Free Rice' here.

What She Thinks: What are you waiting for? Go read the story!


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