Monday, April 4, 2011


I had a disappointing weekend. You see, I was looking forward to the elections that were supposed to hold on April 2nd. I arrived at the polling centres around 10 am after receiving a lecture from my mother about my sluggish attitude to my civic responsibility, she wanted  to get there at eight  and had to wait to give me a ride. I got accredited and was ready to vote. As it turned out, the electoral officers in my centre arrived shortly before ten  therefore the accreditation exercise was extended until 12 .30
Well 12.30 came and we were ready to vote, then the officer informed us that the elections had been postponed! I could not believe this, would not believe this. Nobody else at the centre was willing to, people whipped out their mobile phones and placed calls to relatives far and near. They all said the same things, no one had given them such information at their polling centre. The crowd surrounded the inec official and insisted that he was not going anywhere with the polling materials. This continued until we started to switch on radios and T.Vs on our phones to discover that indeed Prof Jega was telling Nigerians that the elections had been postponed. I almost wept.
I was in shock, how could this happen after almost a year of planning and preparation? I could not and still cannot believe Prof Jega, right now, for me there is still no water that he can use to bathe that will wash him clean in my eyes. How can he tell us that there were no planes to airlift the result sheets because they had ALL been diverted to Japan? I find it difficult to believe this. Accuse me of paranoia but Prof Jega has done little to allay this paranoia. Why will he not give us the names of the vendors for instance? Why will he not tell us exactly where these materials are coming from? Why did he not tell us first thing in the morning that the elections would not hold? If this plane of his was supposed to arrive at 5.30 am and didn't show, didn't Prof Jega realise then that it would be impossible to go ahead?Why didn't he postpone the polls then before the ballot papers and other materials were released? How can we be sure that these materials will not be compromised? These are worrisome questions that Prof Jega has failed so far to sufficiently address.
Prof Jega has so wisely informed us that man proposes and God disposes, since he did not cause the earthquake/ tsunami in Japan, God did. One must ask him about the other issues that cropped up on Saturday, was it God's fault for instance that there was no transportation for Inec officials in various parts of the country such as the FCT? Haba, isn't it time for us to stop this God this God that thing?
There is one thing that Prof Jega can do to restore my trust (and I beleive that of many Nigerians) in this process. He can give us the credible elections he has been singing about come April 9. Then, perhaps we can forget this alarming turn of events.
I keep wondering about this situation, is this part of a grand plan to discredit this elections? Is Jega part of this grand conspiracy? Is he being sabotaged himself? Are there similar twists ahead in this tale that is unfolding? What is REALLY going on?
Answers anyone?


  1. "The self-fulfilling prophesy is true. Always say positive things about yourself", says my White American roommate on Tuesday. I'm not about to prophesy any doom for Nigeria, but the way things are going... I think these are just hints for what should be expected of the 2011 election. Jega and our leaders have nothing to offer us in the 2011 election. In the first place,why on earth did he extend the delivery of the result sheets to 2 days before the election? He had 3 weeks after the Japan earthquake to have found a better alternative to prevent this national disappointment and disgrace. Why would he wait till most people have gone out on Saturday before passing the information about the sheets? These and many more unanswered questions which are bothering me are the reasons why I think we are in for another 2011 showdown.

  2. Ameenah,
    At this point, the best I can say is that we should do our part, vote, wait for the votes to be counted and defend the votes to the best of our ability. Let us keep hoping, we really don't have a choice, this is home.